Wood kindlings

Kindling Wood fire starter from manufacturer

Pelletizer LTD offers Kindling wood fire starter. We can arrange delivery right to the doors of your warehouse!

Bag weight : Your choice

Use : Starting Open Fires, Charcoal, Wood Burning Stoves, BBQ’s, Log Burners, Camp Fires, Fire Pits and Pizza Ovens

Humidity (%) < Kiln Dried

Capacity : 500 ton/month

  • ESSENTIAL FOR FIRE LIGHTING: Dry Kindle sticks for making fire in your log burner, open fire, fire pit, oven or BBQ. The 4 bags inside the box are easily stacked for efficient storage. Our kindling is a natural firelighter, great for starting all fires
  • SUSTAINABLE: All our kindling is from well managed woodlands, coming from FSC sources and we are approved by the Ready to Burn Scheme. Packaging is recycled and can be recycled again after use. Kindling is tightly packed which allows for a smaller storage space.
  • SAME SIZE EACH TIME: Ideal for anyone who uses fires for heating or cooking with woods. The volume of wood is always the same, the weight may be less anywhere from 8.8KG – 12KG because we produce these months ahead, as moisture further evaporates so does the weight. Dry wood emits less particulates in the smoke and is better for your chimney or flue system.
  • NO CHEMICALS: Our kindling is a natural firelighter. When you burn wood the tree absorbed the same carbon it produces when burnt. Our kindling is not made from pallets and has no man-made chemicals in or on it. Safe to use on Wood Fired Pizza Ovens, Smokers and BBQS
  • All boxes are approximately 12kg, each box contains 4 bags of kiln dried kindling, great kindling for your stove and log burners a like. Use with our very popular Log-Barn Natural Firelighters for the perfect stove starter kit..