About company

Limited Liability Company Pelletizer was established in June 2012. It is a dynamically developing industrial enterprise which is engaged in wood processing and its transportation to the end user.

Main enterprise activities are as follows:

  1. Forest Harvesting. Exploitation of final clean felling working plots and final selective felling working plots for the assortments of round wood which are subsequently sold at the exchange trading in a ready-made form on different delivery terms, as well as used in the form of raw material for our own production.
  2. Woodworking.
  3. Production of square-sawn and unedged timber from coniferous and broadleaved trees of any kind, section and length, rendering services in wood sawing.
  4. Assembly of wood pallets for export and internal market.
  5. Production of wood chips, pellet fuel from wood shavings, as well as production of fuel briquettes from wood shavings.
  6. Rendering of cargo transportation services by our own fleet of trucks in Belarus, Europe and Russia.

Our Certificates : 

Supply Base Report 2021