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Pellet Boilers: Availability and Efficiency


Currently, it is becoming increasingly important to heat residential and industrial premises using solid fuel boilers, such as pellet boilers.

Taking into account the expensive cost of electricity and natural gas, the use of pellet solid fuel boilers is the real solution for many citizens in order to spend winter in normal comfortable conditions. At this time, an alternative form of heating is a cost-effective option for heating of dwelling houses and hot water supply. Before you choose and purchase the heating equipment for installation, it is required to take into account a number of factors, the most important factor is the cost of room heating, that is, how much you have to spend on the purchase of fuel for the boiler.

Pellet boilers: Availability and Efficiency

For a long time solid fuel boilers have been used as a reliable source of heat in dwelling houses, but they have one drawback, that is the need to download constantly fuel. However, nowadays due to modern technologies there is the solution to this problem, namely the use of pellet solid fuel boilers. Fuel for these boilers is special wood pellets. Pellets are formed from wood shavings, chips and other wood industry wastes pressed under high pressure without using glue or other toxic chemical compound. As a material for the production of pellets, agricultural wastes, straw, sunflower husks and other biomass are used as well.

Pellet boiler operates in the automatic mode, it is easy-programmed to the desired temperature conditions, and the fuel is loaded automatically every few days. Its advantage is that all processes take place automatically, including ignition, heat exchanger cleaning and ash removal. Pellet boilers are simple, easy to use and do not require a lot in maintenance, at the same time they are reliable, safe and economical in use. Such boilers are completely harmless to the ecology and the environment because during the combustion of fuel a small amount of CO2 is emitted, and this amount is completely absorbed by trees during their growth. 


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